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I’m Alix Greer the founder of Self Empowered Hearts. Self Empowered Hearts is a sacred space, where women can come for inspiration and motivation to show up for their own lives. If that’s to feel empowered in their own personal life or to make a change to fulfill their life purpose and mission in life.

My Latest Blog Posts

Inspiration Manifestation

The Real Secret Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You

When I saw the Secret in 2006 explaining the law of attraction, I was blown away and was writing out cheques to myself thinking about what I wanted in my mind all the time. I was so focused on the goal. I created a vision board and pushed out anything that got in my way… Read More ➢

Entrepreneur Inspiration Mindset

What to do when you are afraid to talk about your business or a new project to loved ones?

In the beginning of my business, I was open to an extent with some people. I am lucky I have supportive Mum, Dad and Sister to talk business. For me it was my friends, I felt I couldn’t be open about it. I thought in my mind that they think oh another idea I have… Read More ➢

Entrepreneur Inspiration

How to Turn Off that Over Thinking Mind and be Grounded and Present

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you think your head is going to blast off? Do you over think to the point you lost what was the first thought that has you thinking? Do ever feel exhausted that you want to give up or shut away from everything and everyone? Well, you may in… Read More ➢

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