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3 ways to support someone who needs help but doesn’t want it

This is a personal challenge for me when it comes to people I love and care about because I am a person who wants to help someone no matter what. What I realised was that what I was doing wasn’t supporting at all. What I did find helpful were doing these 3 incredible ways to be supportive and being there in a different way to speaking to them giving them solutions. It maybe not in the way you think it will be.

1) Surrender– This is for you! Not for the person that needs help or support. For you to surrender to help that person. It comes from surrendering your need to help and be there for that person. We can get caught up in thinking that we have to be there, is there anything you can do to help? You may see what maybe good for them, but they don’t respond or want to know. It’s so key to surrender that all is well. All is what it is meant to be. The journey they are going through is their path.

When the time is ready, they will breakthrough what is going on in their life. They may not have a breakthrough, and that is something else you have to surrender to as well. Sometimes the lesson is how we respond and not necessary what we think is best for the person. I struggled with this as I had a good friend take her life and when she did this, I thought I should had been there for her and should have known, helped and supported her.

The biggest lesson for me was to surrender all those feelings and emotions. It wasn’t about me it was her decision. The image I now know have of her is her being with her family. She had lost all her close family; parents and sister and it were her choices to go, and I knew I couldn’t have changed that decision.
2) Trust– Know deep down to trust all has a divine reason and purpose. If someone close is going through issues and doesn’t want to talk about it, then that is alright. Trust that all will be well for them and that their is a bigger picture to what is going on. When a friend of mine had depression and couldn’t speak what was troubling them it got worse for them to the point of they had a breakdown. That breakdown released all that was troubling them and changed their life around for good. They know help and support men and women who have similar experiences.
3) Send Love– When we know that we can’t change the person’s mindset or help them out what they are going through one thing you can do is send them love. This can be sending them love by thinking about them or telling them you love them. That can make a massive difference as love is so powerful. That can put a smile on someone’s face, make them feel they are loved and cared for and maybe just something they needed to hear to brighten their day.

Alix is a leading EFT Practitioner and Mindset & Success Coach from Shrewsbury, England. Alix is a mentor to heart centered women entrepreneurs and has coached many women all over the world to gain momentum in their life and business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence, have the freedom to travel while empowering others doing what they love.

Alix helps women overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination and fear of judgement, failure & success. She coaches her clients to live the life they love and deserve.

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