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How to Conquer Fear

Why do we have fear?

Fear comes up when we stretch our comfort zones, when we do experience something new or not sure what the outcome can be when we do something we not sure about. It’s like a muscle it’s challenging and at first but it gets easier when we face “fear” and our comfort zone stretches. Fear may show up in other areas, but when we get used to stretching our comfort zone, we realise it’s a temporary feeling if we choose it to be.
1)Be aware of your thoughts. Are they feeding and concentrating on your fear or rising your vibrations of hope. We have a choice to choose fear or hope. Hope overrides fear. Why not ride it out with hope than fear.
When we choose hope and our intuition, we get used to knowing we are guided in the direction we want to go, and it is safe after all. It was just our minds that got in the way of putting action to it.

2) Take action in hope. Make a small step in the goal you want to achieve. When we take action fear tends to slip away. Which then replaces with hope? You may find it wasn’t as hard or difficult as you thought it would be and it was in your head more difficult. I find this to be the case quite a bit especially when it is learning something new as a program or software I haven’t used before. The feeling after achieving that goal is amazing. Focus on that. I use this technique a lot. What would it mean to me to complete that task or goal? How will it make me feel? The answer to that question I focus on those feelings than the feelings of dread, fear and doubt.

3) Technique to quieten fear and be in a place of hope

  • Take a deep breath in and out
  • Root yourself by imagining your feet are growing roots into the ground. Be outside if you can to get extra grounded.
  • Head to the heart- place your head down to your heart and feel that connection to your heart and disconnect from your head chatter.
  • “I surrender”- say I surrender and let it go. Imagine it being in your hands and let it go out of your hands flying away, or you put it in a box with a balloon attached to it and it disappearing away from you. Whatever visual works best for you, see it going away from you and feel lighter in the process.
  • Pink light from your heart- Imagine this pink light coming from your heart and imagine it washing over your body. If there is any area of your body that needs attention you can place your hands on that particular area.

Ask yourself:

What have you wanted to do that has held you back with fear?
What action can you take today to get you closer to your goal?

Love and Empowerment,

Alix is a leading EFT Practitioner and Mindset & Success Coach from Shrewsbury, England. Alix is a mentor to heart centered women entrepreneurs and has coached many women all over the world to gain momentum in their life and business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence, have the freedom to travel while empowering others doing what they love.

Alix helps women overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination and fear of judgement, failure & success. She coaches her clients to live the life they love and deserve.

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