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What to do when you are afraid to talk about your business or a new project to loved ones?

In the beginning of my business, I was open to an extent with some people. I am lucky I have supportive Mum, Dad and Sister to talk business.

For me it was my friends, I felt I couldn’t be open about it. I thought in my mind that they think oh another idea I have that would pass as I had changed jobs quite a few times and tried different adventures working for myself. So in my head I had a fear of them judging me. Especially my close friends as we connect by discussing theatre and drama. I thought if I stop talking about that then we won’t have a friendship. How wrong was I. A couple of weeks ago, a couple of my close friends went on a spa day together, and I had the courage to tell them what I was doing; working online and coaching women from different countries around the world on their mindset and supporting them build their own successful online business. It was such a relief to tell them as it was like keeping a secret from them that was so dear to my heart.

However, the reaction I thought I would get of them talking me out of what I was doing was not true at all. They could hear it in my voice how passionate I was about it and that even though I do love drama and theatre that what I loved about it linked to what I did. I taught drama with children in Spain, India and the Uk and the best part I loved about doing the workshops was seeing them transform. The kids that were quiet coming out of their shell. Giving a kid a part and them nailing that part by putting their creative flair and spin on that character. My friendship and connection weren’t lost on me following my life purpose. It went deeper than that, and they made me realise it was all in my head and not true.

In the past, I have had friends question me on my choices, but that was because I had doubts about it and so they were mirroring me. It comes out in your voice, how you talk about it and express yourself. But when it is so close to your heart people will see it. I am not saying that how my friends treated me would be the reaction to everyone that is close to you. But if they have your best interests at heart and love you for who you are no matter what and come from a place of love and not fear then I would the response will be great.

Another time I have had someone questions me with my choices in the past has been when they come from a place they are unsure of their path and talk you out of your choice because that mean you are different to them. This is a real shame when this happens as their fear takes over to control the situation even if they think they have your best interests at heart.

I would suggest at the beginning of starting up your business or exploring your life purpose I would speak to only people you truly trust and know they have your back no matter what. I think at the beginning it can be a challenging time starting out wondering what it is you will do, and you don’t have a real plan of action, but you have those voices, urges or feelings you want to purse your dreams. When you set some foundation so maybe write out an action plan and put action to it, done a few free sessions or events or maybe got your first client then speak out about it. Then more people you talk the more who get to know your work. It may not be them you help but it maybe someone they know that can speak about what you do.

Remember we need people to come out and shine doing what they love and serving others.

Love and Empowerment,



Alix is a leading EFT Practitioner and Mindset & Success Coach from Shrewsbury, England. Alix is a mentor to heart centered women entrepreneurs and has coached many women all over the world to gain momentum in their life and business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence, have the freedom to travel while empowering others doing what they love.

Alix helps women overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination and fear of judgement, failure & success. She coaches her clients to live the life they love and deserve.

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