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My business is going from strength to strength...

I attended Alix's Discover your Life Purpose workshop and was looking for direction in my life. I had been living in Spain but had run out of work so had to return home. During the workshop it became apparent that I needed to drastically change something in my life. Then in my coaching session with Alix I hit the nail on the head. I had to leave my I quit my job, house, returned my car back to the finance company and left my friends and family behind knowing I wouldn't see them for Christmas.

The coaching I received from Alix enabled me to make a decision for myself and I have her to thank for this.
Now I'm living in the beautiful old town of Palma de Mallorca. I have restarted my business which is going from strength to strength and I couldn't be happier with what I've achieved in the past months.

Chloë Sheeba
Pink Flamingo Marketing

I discovered that I had the answers!

After an hour's call I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve the next step in my goal. Alix listened and gave suggestions which I hadn't actually thought of. I discovered that I had the answers, I just needed to implement them and have a step by step process which I could stick to. Thank you so much Alix - it really did give me clarity in what I need to achieve and what I need to do to achieve it.

I have permission to make the changes I NEED!

Alix helped me understand I didn't need to ask permission for things I want and need in my life and business. That if something is difficult for me in my business then I have permission to make the changes I NEED.

I learnt during our session that I can give myself permission to do the things I feel I need, which allows me to work and live where I need to be in order to serve my purpose. When I am living and working in my purpose it benefits my clients, self and family!

Esther M Inman
Esther Marie Creations

Gave me the courage to listen to my heart

The empowered life and success coach session allowed me to see where a few of my money blocks were coming from and gave me the courage to listen to my heart. To realise that that little gut feeling that comes instead of hiding it listen to it as it is my guide.

I think Alix is fantastic at what she does, she is passionate, caring, driven and motivated. During our session I felt like I was her priority and she encouraged me to feel safe to open up and you instilled motivation and belief in areas where doubt and fear were vacationing.

Grainne Canning

Unbelievably empowering!

Alix was fantastic at identifying some of the issues I was having achieving a work/life balance, and gave me concrete tips on how to balance being a full time mama with growing my business that I’ve used to great success!

Alix is very genuine and understanding when I spoke of my challenges balancing “me” time with my obligations as a wife, mother and entrepreneur.  Her empathy really shone, and made me feel comfortable.

When Alix said that I had permission to take care of myself, that was unbelievably empowering and I thank her for that.  Somehow her saying it made it okay for me to prioritize myself.


Caitlyn Williams
Arbonne Independent Consultant

Alix really helped me overcome my fear of putting myself out there...

Alix really helped me overcome my fear of putting myself out there after a few yucky experiences on social media. She helped me see (and showed examples) of how even the best of the best experience nastiness on social media and ways to move on and overcome it.

I've never experienced tapping before but it as a lovely and opening experience. I was more motivated to get going and get back into ticking off my "to-do" list. I completed my "About Me" page copy which I was putting off for fear of putting myself out there.


Alicia Hagan
Holistic Mama

Honestly say my marriage is the best it's been in years!


I had felt alone and lost for a long time and for the first time I felt a connection with Alix and this was an enormous comfort to me. I really felt like Alix truly understood me and the challenges I’d been experiences. In a nutshell she set me straight and set me free back on path.

Yes I set a goal of feeling happier in my marriage. I set this as a goal with Alix’s help and can honestly say my marriage is the best it’s been in years. Thank you so much Alix you are a true earth angel.

I learnt to let go and let it come to me. Also I learned tapping to release built up old beliefs that no longer serve me. Simply Amazing.

Annmarie Whatmough
The Beauty Concierge

I came away with an empowered heart!

Alix helped me realize the emotions that were obstructing me to reaching my goals. She gently helped me step by step go through the tired, old, blocking belief patterns and supported me on replacing the new, empowering ones.
Bringing me more inner peace and clarity. It also gave me much more energy and focus to begin again, with a different energy and mind set. Each session I came away with an empowered heart. Alix really does deliver her own passion and purpose, which is to help women self empower with love.

Kimberley Wills
Beautiful Brides by Kim

I reached my goal of signing a new fact I signed 2!

I reached my goal of signing a new fact I signed 2! I also received great support as I navigated the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship.
Alix has a very calm sense about her! Alix did a great job of supporting me and helping me to see my business more objectively.
I wasn't really sure what to expect going into our session. I wrote out what I wanted to achieve and without really focusing on it, I achieved it and more!

Elizabeth Salazar
Get Visible Marketing

Clarity and confidence now after my parent's break up 30 years ago!

Having never had coaching before I wasn't sure what to expect or that I really needed it when I first signed up. When the session arrived though.

Having our coaching sessions made me realise some of the patterns I was creating, that were similar to to my parent's. Gave me the confidence to recognise that, and know that was OK.

I felt so calm afterwards. I had clarity and confidence too.That I had left over guilt/hang ups about my parent's break up that happened over 30 years ago!


Amanda Smith

I was brought back to my childhood dream!

Alix helped me bring me back to my childhood dream and I discovered I do have something I love to do. I forgot what my dream was. It was good to bring it back! Coaching with Alix has helped me think about a lot of things that I have not thought about before.

It was a pleasure!

During the sessions Alix was very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable letting her know my ideas and visions. The sessions was very productive and beneficial. I was able to verbalize my goals and list out things that need instead of playing the scenarios out in my head and second guess myself.  It was a pleasure having coaching sessions with Alix.